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New Year New Adventure

Posted by Studio Manager on

Here at Red Barn Collections, we have been asked time and time again, “Do you ever do workshops on journal making?” We are finally ready and so excited to open up our studio! Workshop sign-ups are currently live on our website for January 23-26 in Salt Lake City, UT!  What to expect at our workshops: We will teach you how a book can be turned into a journal! You will get a tour of our studio where all the magic happens, and instruction on how to create an amazing custom journal. From taking apart the book, to choosing what pages to...

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Outdoors + Sunscreen + Cute Crafts = Happiness at Farmer's Markets

Posted by Ben Bowen on

All the pop-up tents, food trucks, vendors and crafts have an uncanny way of bringing smiles to all those around. Farmers markets are the reminder that summer is here. We love the two events we do weekly, (Downtown SLC Farmers Market and Park Silly Sunday) and all the amazing people we have met along the way.  Don't live in Utah? That's okay. Here are some pictures of our booth.    If you do live in Utah and haven't gone to the Farmers Market you're missing out! Come see us this Saturday to choose a journal or bring us one of...

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