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Here at Red Barn Collections, we have been asked time and time again, “Do you ever do workshops on journal making?” We are finally ready and so excited to open up our studio! Workshop sign-ups are currently live on our website for January 23-26 in Salt Lake City, UT! 

What to expect at our workshops:

We will teach you how a book can be turned into a journal! You will get a tour of our studio where all the magic happens, and instruction on how to create an amazing custom journal. From taking apart the book, to choosing what pages to keep inside the journal, to cutting the journal paper, and then onto punching and coiling, our instructors will be there to guide you through the journal making process.

What’s the benefits of going to one of our workshops?

Have you ever wondered how we craft our journals? Ever longed to see inside our studio? Do you have a passion for books? Want to learn book making techniques? Need writing tips? You’ll get to learn all of this and more at our workshops! Our instructor and staff are master crafters and can answer any of your journaling or crafting questions.

What kind of book makes a good journal?

We invite you to bring your own book to make into a journal. Finding a book is one of the most fun parts in the process! 

Here's the criteria for bringing a book to the workshop:

  • Find a book at home or visit a local thrift store
  • It's important that it is a hard cover book
  • You'll want a cover that has an interesting image or title
  • A book that excites you! 

Who’s the Instructor?

Robyn Jones recently re-joined the Red Barn Collections Family after finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Art at Westminster College. She is a former Crafter turned Studio Manager and is one of our master crafters. Robyn will be your instructor and guide through the journal making process. Having vast experience in art and book making, Robyn can help you create your dream journal!

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