Time Traveling Journaler

Time Traveling Journaler

Hello Friends,

Journals have been part of my entire life. To count how many would be impossible. They are trusted friends and are never left behind or tossed away. My journal collection has traveled with me across the country eight times!

Inside the journals are my memories. Without writing down these moments, many would have been forgotten. Not necessarily the big memories, but the small ones that are the details of day to day life at that time. For example, once I wrote about the stars and silence on a camping experience in Yellowstone.

My journals are filled with everything. Usually one is designated for just one thing. These are some example of the guts of my journals: lists, business or school notes, inspirational quotes, recipes, drawings, travel log, scrapbook, and daily free writing.

Red Barns' goal for 2020 is to bring our entire business online. We are shifting our focus to create a lifestyle brand. One that provides inspiration, examples, knowledge about the art of writing, and to create interactions with our followers.  You are our people and we want to stay connected.  Creating journals for others is my passion.

Even though Red Barn is focused forward, I am going to start our blog and new Daily Dose of Writing series by traveling backward in time. In order to start, my journals are getting dusted off, pulled out of trunks, drawers, and closets. This will let me rediscover the beauty of journaling and share those discoveries with you.

The purpose is to share online about the magic and meaning of journals. And also to inspire myself again by all of those memories from the past. 

Welcome to the start of this journey.

- Brooke 

It looks cold outside.  Car windows are iced over and I can feel the chill just sitting close to the window.
It would have been easy to roll over and try sleeping longer -- but the clock informed me that is was already 8:28 am...

January 5th, 2014


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