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Adventure Variety Pack

Our Journals

Made from an upcycled book, this book journal can be used as a sketchbook, notebook, or journal.

  • 72+ journal pages
  • 70# acid-free paper
  • The entire story is included with all children's books
  • Sturdy antique brass metal coil, allows journal to lay flat
  • Handcrafted with love

journals are the perfect gift for anyone.

This variety pack will include two mystery journals of adventure, young adult, mystery, or sci-fi.  We love our inventory and will send you our favorite pairs.

No requests please, but feel free to comment on age or interests and we will do our best.  :D

These are our well loved journals. There is a possibility of receiving journals with soft corners, book taped edges, or even dented covers. All of them pass our awesomeness test.