Our Process

We handcraft each journal from a pre-loved hardcover book. Our process starts well before the books even arrive in the studio. We scour recycling centers, estate sales, schools, libraries, and used booksellers to find the perfect, magical titles. We listen to our customers’ requests, select some of our own favorites, and honor our instincts.

Every journal begins with a sharp craft knife and a ruler. We start by removing the spine and neatly trimming that edge of the cover. 

Then, we add high-quality, acid-free paper. Because each book is a different size, we cut the paper to match. 

We include the original text of the story (for children’s books) or some popular selections (for adult books). That way, when you need some reading to inspire your creativity, it’s right at your fingertips!

Finally, we rebind the book with heavy-duty wiring so it can stand up to daily use.

We all work together around a large table. There’s nothing automatic about our process, and that’s the way we like it. Each journal we make comes from our hands to yours.