Our Story

market stand with book journals

It all started with two loves: books and writing. Now, we get to spread those two loves far and wide. At Red Barn Collections, we repurpose well-loved hardcover books into journals by replacing original spines with spiral bindings and filling the covers with paper. What will those journals be used for? Well, that’s up to you!

Red Barn Collections is a small, family business. They run the day-to-day of the business: collecting books, crafting, traveling to evens, and everything else that entrepreneurs need to do.

Every day, we rely on our crackerjack studio support, Nan and Stephanie. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship keeps the workshop going strong and brings our collection to life.

Our team also includes Brooke’s bookworm parents Terry and Brent. Brent believed in the project from its earliest days, while Terry applies her considerable talents to keeping our finances organized. Finally, JoAnn has the expert eye for used and vintage books that keeps us stocked up.

Each one of our journals is lovingly handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah. You might even spot us at a Utah farmer’s market or fair! If not, you can always browse our inventory online to find a favorite title.

We love to meet the readers, writers, and artists who use our journals. Let us know where your journal is taking your creative spirit.