Looking for something special?

We are Literary Matchmakers  

  • We rescue discarded books from recycle centers before they are lost forever.
  • These literary treasures are given new life as journals and are ready to be loved again.
  • Our passion is creating memorable, nostalgic, and personalized custom gifts for individuals and corporate events.

      Fill out the form below and we will track down that book and turn it into a custom journal made just for you.

      Step 1:    Fill out the form
      Step 2:    Your request is added to our "Wish List"
      Step 3:    Our Literary Matchmakers start looking for that perfect match

      Get Excited:  Our inventory is constantly changing and often we have multiple options.  Expect to hear from us within a few days with an update on your request.
      Customize Your Journal:   A variety of paper options and upgrades are available.  Our standard is matching our journal paper with the aging of the original book pages.

      • 24# Premium Blank
      • MEAD: College or Wide Rule
      • 24# Premium Lined  
      • 96# Premium Mixed-Media Art Paper
        • Acrylic, Watercolor, Pen, Scrapbooking
      • Day Planners
      • Guest Book
      • Graph Paper
      • Custom Inserts