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The Meaning of Red Barn Collection

In New England, while Brooke was growing up, the landscape was dotted with red barns. You don’t see them as much anymore. The ones that still stand are a testament to craft: sturdy enough to weather the push of time. Now, many of them are being given a second life as studios, homes to collections, or space for tinkering. No matter what they become, they always carry their history with them.

Just like those red barns, our books have a history. People have read them, loved them, and parted with them. We give them a new life, and a new purpose. We rediscover what makes each book special, and pass on that discovery to you. Brooke discovered her love of books in her own family’s red barn, and used it as a home for her growing collection of used volumes.

While we no longer use that space as our center of operations, its history travels with us in the journals we craft and the name we choose.