Donate a Journal

Give the gift of writing
This holiday season our goal is to donate journals to a cancer writing, possibly more than one.  You can help us make this happen.  A $10 contribution equals one journal.  

You can choose to have it gifted in your name or anonymously, as we would like to share how many people in our Red Barn community joined in making this effort a success.

We will share the process with updates as we get closer to the holiday-- both on this page and our social media.

How and Why this Makes a Positive Impact
A regular practice of writing can elevate both mental health and also has numerous physiological benefits.  While these benefits apply to anyone, navigating your way through a difficult health diagnosis can be tough. It can be hard to find time to care for your body, spirit and mind.

The Science Behind the Power of Writing

Harvard Medical School research has found that writing boosts mental, physical and emotional health, improves immune system function, reduces inflammation and helps with pain reduction.  It also helps reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, reduces stress and improves stress resiliency in patients.

The American Society of Clinical Psychology did a randomized study  and findings supported that a writing process is an important aspect of effective patient care considering that depression has been related to tumor progression.

Near and Dear to Our Hearts at Red Barn
I am often asked what inspired me to make book journals.  The short story is ten years ago a dear friend with Leukemia and I crafted books into journals and gave them as gifts during the holiday--to friends, family, and the cancer writing program at Dartmouth Medical Center.  This year, the connection to cancer literally hit home, as my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia as well.  She is in remission and doing well. And as the holidays quickly approached, I couldn't think of a better way to reconnect to our roots and what inspired us to start Red Barn Collections.