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To Every Thing There is a Season

 Timeless passages in this book are a source of inspiration, hope, and comfort.  They were written more than two thousand years ago, yet encompass the full range of human experience and emotion.

Perfect as a journal for daily writing, reflection, quotes, and as a sketchbook.


Size: 10.25" x 10"

We upcycle discarded books and give them new life by turning them into one-of-a-kind journals and notebooks.

This copy of the book was printed in 1977. It is well loved and the pages have been turned by many with wrinkles to prove it. Consider giving this book a continued life as a journal! 

  • 72+ journal pages
  • 70# acid-free paper
  • The entire story is included with all children's books
  • Sturdy antique brass metal coil, allows journal to lay flat
  • Handcrafted with love