What was I Scared of?

This silly story delivers a timeless message about fear and tolerance.  What was I Scared of is now available as a custom book journal. The entire story is included with journal paper.  There is glow-in-the-dark ink, making this a unique notebook.

What's a pair of empty green trousers doing standing by itself in the woods?  The narrator certainly doesn't want to find out but, wherever he goes, he's haunted by the spooky empty pants.

Grade Range:  Kindergarten to Grade 4


We search for books that have been discarded and give them new life by turning them into one-of-a-kind journals and notebooks.

  • 72+ journal pages
  • 70# acid free paper
  • Selections from text kept inside
  • Sturdy antique brass metal coil, allows the journal to lay flat
  • Handcrafted with love